Sting Energy Drink Pack of 30

Sting Energy Drink Pack of 30: When talking about an energy drink, the name Sting Energy Drink is knocking on mind first because of its wonderful flavour and energy.  Some of you want to know the price of the Sting energy drink pack of 30. Complete details are given below.

What is Sting Energy Drink?

Sting energy drink also known as Sting drink refreshes you and gives you an energy boost and also charges up to stay full of energy. Sting drink contains Caffeine, Ginseng, and Vitamin B with delicious flavour. It energizes the body.

Sting Energy Drink Pack of 30

Sting Energy Drink Ingredients

The ingredients available in the Sting energy drink are Carbonated Water, Sugar, Acidity Regulators (330, 331), Sequesterants (452(i), 385), Taurine, Caffeine (0.03%), Preservatives (211, 202), Sweeteners (955, 950), Inositol, Vitamin Premix.

Nutritional Information

Per 100ml Sting Drink contains Energy-28(kcal), Protein-0(g), Carbohydrates-7(g), Sugar-7(g), Fats-0(g).

Sting Drink Shelf Life: 152 day

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Sting Drink Price in India at Online Platform

Online Platform250 ml (Can)250 ml (Bottle)

Sting Energy Drink Pack of 30

For people who want to sell Sting Energy Drink retail, they also can get the wholesale Sting Energy drink pack of 30 in a carton. The rate of the Sting energy drink pack of 30 is approx Rs 510/- per box. But before placing or order you must check the latest rate of Sting drink.

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