Ü Relax Review | Ü Relax Drink Review

Ü Relax Review: Ü Relax is a beverage with other botanical ingredients and the herb kava to help induce relaxation. Calming Co., the company that sells the beverage, states on its packaging that it “takes just a few minutes to set in for up to 4 hours of pure, uninterrupted bliss.”

However, are the elements in Ü Relax for relaxing supported by research, or are these merely promotional claims? Does the brand make use of any dubious chemicals as additives? Is kava suitable for everyday use? Furthermore, how do actual users evaluate and characterize Ü Relax’s effects?

All of these and more issues will be addressed in this article as we examine the components of Ü Relax using data from medical research to determine whether or not the product is likely to be beneficial or a waste of money.

Ü Relax Review
Ü Relax Drink

Ü Relax Components

There are several components in this formulation that have been shown to reduce stress.

In a 2018 study, kava was mentioned as an efficient short-term (but not long-term) anxiety treatment.

A 2010 study defined chamomile as a “mild tranquilizer and sleep inducer.” Studies have indicated that chamomile extract, at a dose higher than that of Ü Relax, is safe and can alleviate moderate-to-severe anxiety symptoms.

There is clinical evidence that lemon balm extract lowers anxiety and sadness.

An adaptogen with an anti-stress function was discovered in ashwagandha extract research published in 2021. Compared to placebo-taking study participants, those who took ashwagandha extract were 83% more likely to successfully manage their stress.

Citric acid is a preservative and flavor enhancer

Natural flavors are healthier than artificial flavors

Overall, we believe that Ü Relax has the potential to promote stress reduction and relaxation. From an efficiency and potency perspective, this is an impressive formula.

Ü Relax Drink Review

Ü Relax Review

However, in addition to the ineffective ingredients, we are also concerned about its safety.

Ü Relax does not appear to have been clinically tested, so it is difficult to say for sure whether the supplement causes side effects. However, we can make a guess based on its active ingredients.

Potentially more serious side effects, such as liver damage, are less common.

Ü Relax uses a proprietary mixture (prop) of its active ingredients, making it more difficult to assess the risk of side effects as only the total dosage is published, not the individual dosage of each ingredient.

A page on the Calming Co website suggests that kava is effective “without any side effects”, which we consider a dangerous and misleading claim based on clinical studies that we have quoted in this article.

We urge the brand to retract this statement and the FDA to investigate this claim.

On an individual basis, it is difficult to assess the risk of side effects, but we believe that Ü Relax is more likely to cause side effects than the average anti-anxiety supplement we reviewed on Illuminate Health, taking into account our concerns about kava.

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